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You could be download this video with Ai Kurosawa and her lesbian friend in like two minutes from now. It only takes you so long to register for the password and pay the trial membership. Haha, after those words most of you will simply close down the window and go look for free porn. But for those who really wanna see Ai in action, in the best quality ever, you should continue and enjoy the hottest girls of all time. Those sexy chicks really know how to suckĀ  the Asian dick, and even if your dick is not asian, they can still manage to blow you off!

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You know what I really love about this website, AsiaMoviePass? The fact that you don’t have to go to the actual porn store to buy some videos of Asian chicks fucking in to their ass. You can see everything online, and nobody really see what you like and what you watch. Total anonymity, man! The only thing where you have to reveal yourself is your name and last name in the registration form – but do you think the site actually cares whats your name? As long as you pay your membership fees they don’t care at all! They are not gonna market you or send you flyers to your home or smth.. Nobody does that in the porn business. So you can relax, take out the dick from your pants, lubricate it with some oils, and start your masturbation session. The movies are about 1hour long each, so make sure you have enough oil and energy to masturbate for such a long time, lol! I hope you will find yourself really happy after you blow your first load..


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I cannot speak for you, but to me Ai Kurosawa looks like the hottest Japanese chick ever, who was filming in the porn. Too bad that Japanese have this stupid rule of censoring all the pussies in the movies, so instead of real pussy you can see just damn pixels. But other than that, Japanese porn is usually the sexiest and have the most beautiful girls there. Of course, that depends on your taste, but since you are visiting Ai blog, I believe you are really fond about Japanese chicks, don’t you? Well, in any case. I don’t think you came here to read. I believe you came here to do some serious masturbation, and that’s where you should start. Simply get thatĀ  damn password, start streaming the movie and give your hands some work. Your dick will appreciate that and will not ask you to do it again for at least few hours.. Then you can do some other work.


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